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House Cleaning services in pune for Whom? When It's "Go Time," and You Have No Time.

Here at The Wambience, we understand that one size does not fit all. Sometimes you need your house cleaned from top to bottom; other times you just need a specific area spruced up. No matter what you require, we're here to help you for that, This is time recognized us and We have been Pleasure to rewarded our excellent cleaning service by referring us to friends and family. Our most popular additional services include Carpet Maintenance Service and Window Cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning maintenance can extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking its best. It also improves indoor air quality by removing dust, dirt, allergens and debris that has settled deep in carpet fibers.


Window Cleaning can be time consuming and difficult to get a streak-free shine you desire. Let The Wambience professional window cleaners take the hassle away. With our safe, special-cleaning solution, professional-grade equipment and expert technique, we'll provide your windows a streak-free shine. Your window view will be clearer and your home brighter.

Hiring The Wambience is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

When the cleaning team from The Wambience arrives at your home, we'll bring your abode up to our exacting standards. Your feedback and reviews help us find better ways to assist you in cleaning house.

 From Carpet Maintenance to Oven Cleaning, Window Washing to Mattress Vacuuming, We Have the Team, the Tools and the Time.

How can we help you with your next special cleaning projects? Our Home cleaning services, but we are equipped to tackle specific areas in each room of your house. Bedroom feeling a little less than fresh? Ask us about mattress vacuuming. Kitchen doesn't feel like the heart of the home anymore? Maybe oven cleaning or cabinet scrubbing is something that would help. Whatever the cleaning job, our uniformed teams will get it done.

We understand that you may have some questions about the actual process. Read more to learn all about what The Wambience can do for you! Call us, we'll start with your address, so we know where we'll be cleaning. We'll ask for your email address and phone number, so we can get in touch with you for any questions. Don't worry; we won't share your information with anyone. The sales professional you're speaking with

will ask you to explain exactly what you need from a cleaning service. This chat will only take a few minutes and knowing these details will help us craft the perfect cleaning plan for your home.


We'll discuss topics like:

- Square footage of your house
- Number of rooms (bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, basements, etc.), along with stairwells and dens
- Rooms that need cleaning (will we be tackling the entire house, or only the most used areas)
- Type of flooring in your house (laminate, carpet, tile, wood)
- Special surfaces that require unique attention (travertine, marble)
- Overall condition of your home (how much dust is on surfaces, and is there soap scum, mold or mildew in your bathrooms)
- Number of people and furry pets living in your house


Lastly, we will tell you what you can expect from your upcoming house cleaning process, including:

- The cleaning rate for your home
- What to expect when the cleaning team from The Wambience arrives
- The cost of an ongoing cleaning service to help your home shine all the time-whether you want that service weekly, every-other-week, or monthly
(choose the schedule that is right for you and your home)
- Your appointment for your first cleaning, secured with a credit card

1-Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning includes:

• Cleaning of Floor, WC Seat and Washbasin using cleaning agents and disinfecting chemicals  • Cleaning of all bathroom fittings using biodegradable chemicals  • Cleaning of mirrors, windows, doors, exhaust fan and geyser

Equipment & chemicals used:

• Chemical: Biodegradable chemicals like Taski & Chevron  • Equipment Used: Hand scrubber, microfiber duster, wipers, etc

Bathroom cleaning process:

• Cleaning of mirrors, windows, doors, exhaust fan and geyser.  • Floor Cleaning, WC Seat and Wash-basin  • Cleaning of all bathroom fittings using biodegradable chemicals. 

2-Kitchen Cleaning with Utensil removal

• Cleaning of windows and ventilators, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, kitchen tiles and switchboards • Gas Hobs/ Burners & Chimney Hoods
• All Stainless Steel and Chrome Fittings • Kitchen Appliances like Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster, Oven • Storage Cabinets & Removal and Rearrangement of Jars & Utensils • Oil removal Procedure • Sink and Wash Zone • Doors and door handles • Floor washing, wiping and disinfection  

*Note : • Cleaning of utensils are not included


3-carpet cleaning:

• Brushing and Dry vacuuming to remove dust.  • Shampooing using professional grade cleaning solutions.  • Wet vacuuming post shampooing for removing dirt. 

*Note : Do not use the carpet for 3-4 hours. Allow it to dry completely.

4-sofa cleaning

• Dry Vacuuming to remove dust  • Shampooing using biodegradable solution
• Wet vacuuming post shampooing for removing dirt • Polishing is for leather sofas


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