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Home Deep Cleaning

1) Deep & customized home & cleanups, covering all Room with Furniture surfaces & cabinets.
2) All Dust and stain remove by upholstery units.
3) Will exclude inside of cabinets, walls, false ceilings, parapets, ledges, ducts and lofts.

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Kitchen Cleaning

1) Exterior Deep Cleaning of Gas Stove
2) Internal Deep Cleaning of Cabinet.
3) Bio-Degradable Solvent Application for cleaning
4) Handling of with care.
5) Removal all surfaces stubborn stains

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Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

1) Liquid Soap foam cleaning & extraction for upholstery units
2) Industrial High Grade Equipments for Upholstery Cleaning .
3) Dry Vacuuming after Shampooing- Wet vacuuming and Polishing

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Floor Cleaning

1)A Machine cleanup which includes floor Cleaning.
2)In addition to hard floor cleaning with specialist machines
3) We use only the most modern, state of the art machinery and ProChem chemicals, widely recognised to be the best specialist chemicals on the market.

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